Quiz 7 (6 points)

Regarding Reading 7.

  1. What is SQL and what does the acronym stand for?
  2. What do we mean when we say SQL is declarative?
  3. Convert the following four statements from English to SQL.

  4. "Computer, create a table called hiking_trails in which I can store a name and a numeric length."
  5. "Whoops, Computer I forgot I wanted a column called rating where I plan to store numeric ratings. Change the hiking_trails table by adding a rating column."
  6. "Computer, add the Mesa Cortina Trail to my hiking_trails table. It's 2.6 miles long and has a rating of 6.2."
  7. "Whoops, Computer, please change the length of the Mesa Cortina Trail to 2.7 miles long."
  8. Say you had a table called old_flames. What would the statement DELETE FROM old_flames do?
  9. Given the following two tables, students and powers, write a query that returns the set of students' names and ages and the name of each student's super power.

    id name age power_id
    1 Byron A. 21 3
    2 Kendall A. 21 1
    3 Uzel B. 21 2
    4 Mark B. 21 3
    id name description
    1 Freezing Can shoot ice bolts from pores
    2 Threshold X-Ray Vision Can see through anything greater than 1" thick
    3 Test Acing Always gets 100% on tests without studying